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CNC Machining

Kentin Engineering prides itself on the sophistication of its metal working equipment, and nowhere is this pride more justified than in our impressive array of CNC milling machines and lathes.

CNC machines history begins in the 1950s with Numerical Control (NC), the operations of machine tools began to be automated. Hard on the heels of NC machining came Computerised Numerical Control (CNC), which allowed designs to be loaded into computers in a language which enabled the computer to feed the machine moves direct from a single computer file. In time it became possible to use CNC to drive a sequence of different machine tools – lathes, routers, milling machines – from a single CAD/CAM design file, giving the ability to replicate parts with unprecedented precision. Using CAD CAM software, 3 dimensional products can be produced to the exact model using either one of our two CNC Milling machines with capacities of X1300mm x Y650mm x Z600mm equipped with a 4th axis to make it even more versatile.


Superior CNC Milling & Turning

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