EDM Wire Cutting

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is the latest marriage of CAD/CAM software with a cutting technology that enables the very hard metals to be machined into geometrically complex forms that conventional machining cannot produce. The accuracy of CAD-driven EDM wire cutting – and its ability to machine cavities, undercuts, tapers, complex contours and other challenging forms – mean that it offers a solution for creating very small components that would present insuperable challenges to conventional tools. It also makes it perfect for creating highly accurate plastics moulding tools.

EDM Wire Cutting can also cut 3 Dimensional or Taper, using the latest 3 Dimensional CAD/CAM software. EDM provides a single and accurate solution for very small components that are usually difficult to machine in general practices/machines. Our EDM Machine capacity is 400 x 300 x 250.

The Most Advanced Wire Cutting Available

Throughout our history, we have prided ourselves on owning the very best of contemporary machine tools, and EDM, Kentin Engineering’s most recent investment, continues that tradition. It allows us to accept orders for single parts of complex shape, or for large batches of identical parts, confident that we will meet the most exacting standards of accuracy, with minimal post-machining finish work. So if your project involves parts, moulds or tools that look unmachinable, don’t despair – talk to us before you redesign. It’s quite possible that we can propose a solution using our EDM machine.

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