Fabrication & Boilermaking

These days, the term boilermaking refers to all kinds of fabrication by welding steel plates and sections, using the skills and disciplines developed during the age of steam. At Kentin Engineering, though, we still make steam locomotive boilers, as a glance at our impressive gallery of model steam locomotive projects will readily show. We also have the capability to fabricate all kinds of modern pressure vessel, using TIG welding, MIG welding and Arc welding, all in strict compliance with the relevant Australian and International Standards and Codes. And, as befits Perth’s “Masters of Metal”, we can also fabricate practically anything that can be made with steel.

The Model Steam Loco Projects

The charisma of the steam railway locomotive has long survived its disappearance from the world’s rail networks. When in 2008 the opportunity arose to manufacture two authentic models of the Australian Government Railway “W” Class locomotives in twelve inch gauge, we grabbed it with both hands. We had the benefit of very detailed 3D CAD drawings to work from and to use to drive our CNC machinery, but the locos and tenders were going to weigh 3.5 tonnes, so the challenges were unprecedented. The boilers and all pressurised components had to be made to meet AS1228-2006 standards.
The resulting two locomotives have drawn universal praise, and we proudly regard them as a showcase for our skills and capabilities.

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